Obai welcomes you to explore your unique path to healing. Offering the latest in evidence-based facilitated therapy, and holistic integrative services, we will help you create the positive change you’ve been searching for. Our experience, education and expertise give our community a safe space to explore their inner selves.

Peta Stinson

Clinic Director, Lead Psychedelic Facilitator

Peta holds a degree in Psychotherapy, is professionally certified in Psychedelic Assisted Therapy and is currently studying her Masters in Clinical Psychology.

Her expertise and research lies in the field of psychedelic therapy and its effects on mental health.

Peta has extensive experience working with a diverse range of people and mental health issues including, CPTSD, depression, anxiety, and body dysmorphia.

Peta is especially passionate about facilitating transformative experiences of inner exploration and personal growth.

Kira Mae Kazuko

Clinic director, Lead breathwork facilitator

Kira Mae Kazuko holds a Level 1 Certification with the Wim Hof Method for breathwork, cold exposure and meditation. Sharing her breathwork practice is one of her life purposes, as it helped to put her own PTSD and GAD in remission. Her clientele ranges from novice to advanced, corporate to athlete, youth to mature, all with the same mission in mind. Through finding our breath, we will improve our mental health and gain clarity within ourselves.

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